English equivalent: No smoke without fire. – Turkish Proverbs, Envy eats nothing but its own heart. Literal translation: (Empty words will not fill an empty stomach.) [But try to make the best of the current situation to prevent something worse from happening. – Turkish Proverbs, Do not roll up your trousers before reaching the stream. – Turkish Proverbs, Two cocks won’t crow on the same dunghill. Meaning: Everybody has bravery somewhere in themselves. – Turkish Proverbs, One topic leads to another. – Turkish Proverbs, Who has no beard has no authority. With this in mind, I created a list of 40 powerful proverbs and sayings from around the world that I believe can teach us valuable life lessons. – Turkish Proverbs, Opportunities mean rubies. Literal translation: (Burning a bed-cover for a louse.) – Turkish Proverbs, Little sins make room for great. ], Hasty climbers have sudden falls. 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A heart in love with beauty never grows old. * Pire için yorgan yakmak. Meaning: Only after some time are a spouses faults noticed. ), Show pity to the lowly, obedience to the lofty. In addition, a Turkish diaspora has been established with modern migration, particularly in Western Europe. – Turkish Proverbs ], There are many who fall into the misfortunes of their companions. Meaning: To express the insignificance of someones point in an argument. [Every day ends with an evening. Meaning: When expressing dissatisfaction in unchanged human behavior or the fact that one never learns from ones mistakes. – Turkish Proverbs, What business does a dog have in the shop of the blacksmith. – Turkish Proverbs, Old age is sickness of itself. Used to make a point when a person indulges beyond his financial means. Every one is a lord in his own home. – Turkish Proverbs, When you tell the truth, have one foot in the stirrup. – Turkish Proverbs, Trust is good, but distrust is better. * Göz görmeyince gönül katlanır. ], Don’t fall into a fire in order to avoid the smoke. – Turkish Proverbs, He who throws a stone at his relatives will never prosper, give the kinsman his due. – Turkish Proverbs, One must treat inferiors with reserved politeness, or probably they will take liberties. Literal translation: Who fears the sparrows must not sow millet. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Better a lean jade than an empty halter. * Aç tavuk kendini buğday ambarında görür. – Turkish Proverbs, The best laid plans fail. – Turkish Proverbs, Never venture out of your depth till you can swim. ], Listen a hundred times; ponder a thousand times; speak once. To put down someones efforts or words and Meaning that it wont have any effect on the outcome. Literal translation: (Free vinegar is sweeter than honey.) – Turkish Proverbs, That which is far from the eye is far from the heart. – Turkish Proverbs, The ground has ears. – Turkish Proverbs, A sweet tongue deceives many folks. – Turkish Proverbs, Opposition to everyone is a mistaken act. Literal translation: Where there is activity, there is fertility. – Turkish Proverbs The Greeks have imparted wisdom to the world. Otherwise, you create panic. ], If skill could be gained by watching, every dog would become a butcher. When a person talks too much, it usually does not lead to action. – Turkish Proverbs. – Turkish Proverbs, Love is the mother of all godliness. – Turkish Proverbs, Sleep is the excuse of sleep. ), They told the poor man it was snowing, and he said “I’m ready to shiver.” – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs ], The one who enters a Turkish bath is in for sweating. – Turkish Proverbs, The lion is known by his den. (Clothes do not make the man.) – Turkish Proverbs, Too much of a thing can be good for nothing. (If one is far away, one also gets far away from the heart.) bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation. – Turkish Proverbs, There is no garden without its weed. – Turkish Proverbs, If your head be without pain don’t thrust it into trouble. – Turkish Proverbs, It is not by saying, Honey, honey, that sweetness comes into the mouth. – Turkish Proverbs, Much talk makes no money. Literal translation: A bird will not fly with one wing. (Drop by drop, it will make a pond.) ], To speak of honey will not make the mouth sweet. * Tembele iş buyur, sana akıl öğretsin. ], Riches alone make no man happy. Meaning: To encourage people to be inquisitive. – Turkish Proverbs, Eat and drink with your friends but do not trade with them. - Capital: Ankara Ethnics Groups: Turkish 80%, Kurdish 20% Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek – Turkish Proverbs, A man who knows not what is good is not counted a man. Turkish Proverbs and old sayings Turkish Proverbs and old sayings about Happiness Proverbs and old sayings about Happiness Proverbs and old sayings similar Wait until it is night before saying that it has been a fine day. (What a man is at seven is also what he is at seventy.) Literal translation: (Love is daring.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, A fool always rushes to the fore. ], Remove an old tree and it will wither to death. – Turkish Proverbs, God has created us brothers but has given us separate purses. – Turkish Proverbs, We plant walnuts and pears for our heirs. – Turkish Proverbs, Two dogs do not share one bone. – Turkish Proverbs, One neighbor’s fowl seems a goose to another neighbor. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, An arrow once shot never comes back. – Turkish Proverbs, You can’t expect a good thing to go on for ever. Used by bachelors when asked to explain why they are still single. Literal translation: Grapes will darken by looking at each other. ], There must be a handle to an axe. Turkish Culture Portal is Now Open Source, The Turkish Army as a Turkish Institution, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Turkey, German Academical Formalism and its Influence on the Historiography of Medieval Art and Architecture, TURKEY'S LITERARY LEGACY IN WORLD LITERATURE, THE SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL ERA EROTIC LITERATURE, TURKISH LITERATURE AFTER THE ADOPTION OF ISLAM, THE KINGS OF THE STATE OF MEANING AND DISCOURSE: THE OTTOMAN SCRIBAL SERVICE IN THE LATE 17TH CENTUR, VENTURING BEYOND EVLIYA ÇELEBI: THE BROADER WORLD OF TRAVEL IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, INFLUENCE OF WESTERN LITERATURE ON TURKISH LITERATURE, FUZULI WITH EXAMLES OF HIS WORK IN ENGLISH AND AZERI TURKISH. Literal translation: The beaten wrestler is never satisfied with wrestling Meaning: Tell what are you really are going to tell me, rather than prolonging the conversation. – Turkish Proverbs, He who pays no heed to the words of his elders mounts a wild horse. Old age is a heavy burden, can’t sell it for a penny. – Turkish Proverbs, A doubtful bargain spoils the stomach. Literal translation: He who did not help building the minaret, thinks that it just grew out from the ground. – Turkish Proverbs, Every departure has an arrival. – Turkish Proverbs, The angry beggar is left with an empty bag. – Turkish Proverbs, Difficulties teach a man. (Look at the mother before marrying the daughter.) – Turkish Proverbs * Ağacı kurt, insanı dert yer. – Turkish Proverbs, Take the currycomb and go into the stable, the one with the saddle gall will flinch. – Turkish Proverbs, Little pitchers have big (great) ears. (Those who are empowered have the right to enforce authority). – Turkish Proverbs, There is no friend to a man like his mother. Where ambition begins happiness ends. – Turkish Proverbs, It is proper that the tongue of a debtor be short. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. – Turkish Proverbs, By renown and estimation the son of the noble is noble. Literal translation: March makes one look through the door, and makes one burn hoes and shovels. * Zenginin malı fakirin çenesini yorar. – Turkish Proverbs, A little bird is content with a little nest. Literal translation: Explaining something to an ignorant person is harder than making a camel jump over a ditch. – Turkish Proverbs, There is no one in the world without pain. * İnsan yedisinde ne ise, yetmişinde de odur. Used when an event that seems insignificant to others, still bothers a person. – Turkish Proverbs, Running water takes no defilement. – Turkish Proverbs, It has snowed on trees with red cherries. – Turkish Proverbs, Too much barley makes the horse burst. Literal translation: Who leaves no traces in the field, will be put to shame at harvest. Literal translation: Already passed the caravan of friends, just leave me alone. All of these beautiful Persian proverbs about love remind us that love is a very complex feeling. – Turkish Proverbs, Nothing enters into a close hand. [We soon believe what we desire. It is rude and used only in a verbal fight. * Parayı veren düdüğü çalar. (A bachelor feels like a sultan.) – Turkish Proverbs, The tongue slays quicker than the sword. – Turkish Proverbs, Look to yourself when the neighbour’s house is on fire. Literal translation: The Devil would intrude upon hurried work. – Turkish Proverbs, An old friend is a mount for a black day. Literal translation: Who has a beautiful face has a beautiful character too. Literal translation: With talking the cheese, ship wont move. – Turkish Proverbs, With patience, mulberry leaves become satin. Abdur Rahim Chelebi – Turkish Proverbs, A neighbors hen looks as big as a goose, and his wife as young as a girl. [Spend according to your income. – Turkish Proverbs, There is an uphill for every downhill, and a downhill for every uphill. – Turkish Proverbs, Seeing once is better than reading a thousand times. * Zorla güzellik olmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody. – Turkish Proverbs, It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful not to ask. – Turkish Proverbs, Patience is the key of joy. Used to put the shame or burden on the side that can give but refuses to do so. Literal translation: (If one is far away, one also gets far away from the heart.) Literal translation: (The one who burns his mouth for drinking milk too hot, eats even yogurt carefully.) – Turkish Proverbs, We soon believe what we desire. – Turkish Proverbs, Every bird loves to hear herself sing. Meaning: He who comes from the creator, will return to him at the end. Literal translation: Trees bend when they are young. ], Vigilance and precaution are safety. – Turkish Proverbs, Proverbs are the daughters of daily experience. ], The one who burns his mouth for drinking milk too hot, eats even yogurt carefully. ], When an opportunity is in your hand do not allow it to pass. * “Aĝaç yaş iken eĝilir” (Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.) – Turkish Proverbs, A child is the fruit of a home. Literal translation: (A boxwood comb for a bald head.) – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Stairs are climbed step by step. – Turkish Proverbs, A pear will fall to the root of the tree. A tree is known by its fruit. ], The rich mans wealth tires the poor man’s jaw. [To work, one needs incentives that matter.] Meaning: Used for extremely idiot people. Meaning: Expresses the feeling that by being far away, one risks losing the love and affection of a person. – Turkish Proverbs, When the heart is a fire, some sparks will fly out of the mouth. Used to point out that a lazy person will come out with many reasons why a task should or could not be done in order to avoid doing the task. Literal translation: The village that one can see requires no guide. Meaning: One has to practice to keep up ones performance. The unpretentious and modest common sense of the Turkish people over many generations is distilled in many proverbs that are used today. – Turkish Proverbs, It is no play where one greets [weeps] and another laughs. Meaning: Used to make a point when someone goes after something just because it is free or very cheap even though they would not normally even want it. (A man is as wise as his head, not his years.) – Turkish Proverbs, Drive your business, don’t let it drive you. A good companion shortens the longest road. Used to make a point about second guessing after the outcome is known. – Turkish Proverbs, A house without a wife is like a safe without money. Meaning: Time is money. Meaning: To stick to ones own opinion. Meaning: Used to remind that not depending on others, makes one self reliant. – Turkish Proverbs, Guests bring good luck with them. Literal translation: Wherever you go, an okka is four hundred dirhem. – Turkish Proverbs, With one arrow two birds are not struck. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, He that conceals his grief finds no remedy for it. – Turkish Proverbs, He who has many vineyards has many cares. – Turkish Proverbs, He that knows nothing, doubts nothing. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Fear takes molehills for mountains. – Turkish Proverbs, The kick of a quiet horse is hard. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t disclose your secret linen. – Turkish Proverbs * Merd-i kıpti şecaat arzederken sirkatin söyler. Literal translation: Flawless human is impossible There are many proverbs and sayings in English that involve money. – Turkish Proverbs, Say little but to the point. We'll transform them into memes. – Turkish Proverbs, Laugh, and the world would laugh with you; weep, and you weep alone. ], He who enters a bath will sweat. – Turkish Proverbs, Eat and drink with a friend, but have no business transaction with him. ], An eye that sees something has some right. Meaning: A good listener needs only half a word. A tree without water gives no fruit. [Used to encourage a person to keep a useful and classy network and group somehow. – Turkish Proverbs, Sorrow will pay no debt. – Turkish Proverbs, Let bygones be bygones. ), Meaning: Used to point out that sometimes a message is intended for someone other than the actual recipient, Literal translation: (One who does not slap his children, will slap his knees.).
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