Not only the high-power PV central inverter had to follow innovations to support further steps in the field of PV system technology, but also the string inverter. The Samurai’s new thermal solution offers a cooling system designed for extreme temperature environments with four new power classes: 3360 kW – 3360 kVA (1500V) 3200 kW – 3200 kVA (1500V) 2700 kW – 2700 kVA (1500V) 2500 kW – 2500 kVA (1500V) Soelkner, W. Kaindl, H. Schulze, G. Wachut, “Reliability of power electronic devices against cosmic radiation-induced failure”, Microelectronics Reliability, 2004. Vlatkovic and his team originally developed the inverter - GE calls it LV5 1500V - for Alstom’s offshore wind farms. GE Energy Management’s Power Conversion business will provide its latest LV5 1500V solar inverters, both at 2MW and 4MW, to equip solar … Combined Technological Expertise Improves Plant Production, Reduces Costs. Inverters convert the direct-current electricity produced by the solar panels into alternating current that can be used in homes and businesses. LV5+ Solar Inverters are GE Predix ready with advanced diagnostics for optimal performance monitoring, enabling to move from routine maintenance to predictive maintenance. “Combining the benefits of SiC T-MOSFET and Si IGBT in a novel ANPC power module for highly compact 1500-V grid-tied inverters”, PCIM Europe, 2019. Silicon Carbide (SiC) enables more efficient solar inverters. New cooling system for extreme temperature environments ; Advanced multilevel inverter - 56% of switching loss… Learn More. LV5+ 1500V Solar Inverter Data Specifications Units LV5 + 1560 Solar Inverter LV5 + 1563 Solar Inverter LV5 1566 Solar Inverter LV5 1569 Solar ... introduce 1,500-volt to the solar market. Multilevel topologies such as NPC1 constructed using single power modules face various challenges. The same output power is reached with a lower number of modules, two modules (3L-2M) instead of three modules Alternatively, the same amount of modules (3L-3M),achieves 1600 kW which is approximately 33 percent higher output power on the same total module footprint. Customers will soon be able to purchase GE solar inverters from One Stop Warehouse. The U.S. power company has signed a supply agreement with utility NextEra Energy to deliver its 1500V inverter solutions to more than 1 GW of large-scale solar … Boost Topologies for 1500V Multi-String Solar Inverters April 13, 2020 by Matthias Tauer This article investigates the performance and cost of different boost topologies for 1500V multi-string solar inverters. Figure 5 summarizes the simulation results considering a variety of potential solutions regarding high-power central inverters. GE’s LV5+ Solar Inverter builds on proven power electronics technology, demonstrated global manufacturing experience and an Photovoltaic systems have seen enormous growth during the last decade. The Active Neutral Point Clamped (A-NPC) topology with active switches in the neutral path offers an additional degree of freedom. For example, the loop inductance (LS) is typically very high and could be in the region of Ls>100nH. As an evolution of the LV5, GE’s first 1500V DC central inverter, why is the LV5+ only offered in the 2.5 MW variant while the base LV5 solar inverter product portfolio ranges from … Read Online Ge Power Controls Inverter coordination and synchronization among multiple grid-forming resources, and is working to improve the transient stability of systems with high renewables penetration. Compared to the conventional market offering of around 2MW, this 4MW block size means less inverter power stations leading to reduced construction costs and time, along with a significant reduction in operating expense. The effective voltage for these measurements from DC(+) to neutral (NPC) and from neutral (NPC) to DC(-) results in VDC=750 V because of VDC=VDC_System/2. The first partially 1,500 Vdc systems were installed by Belectric in Germany in 2012 using inverters and electrical equipment developed by GE (with Converteam’s technology) and Padcon. The basic schematics for both variants are depicted in Figure 2. Because of these contradictory requirements, NPC1 or A-NPC multilevel topologies are the preferred solutions today [4]. GE signs an agreement with One Stop Warehouse, one of the biggest players in the Australian photovoltaic market. For the simulation, not the worst-case maximum operation voltage but more application relevant reduced bus voltage of VDC=1200 V for the PV system is assumed. When reaching almost cos(φ)=-1, the temperature of the FWD D1 is similar to that of T5. Vlatko Vlatkovic and his team are working to make the future of solar energy look brighter. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? The maximum continuous operating temperature for the semiconductors is set to Tvj_max=150°C combined with the extended usable overload temperature. The robust SiC chip, already in use in applications such as health care and lighting, is only one small part of the new 1500V inverter but it results in an approximate 1 percent increase in annual energy production, according to GE. But a few years of experience in the solar industry and At SPI, GE unveiled its LV5+ solar central inverter that uses a Silicon Carbide (SiC) chip. The inverter can be directly connected with the public grid to save the cost of grid connection. LV5 1500V Solar Inverter. The XGI 1500 inverters are the most powerful 1500VDC string inverters in the PV market and have been engineered for both distributed and centralized system architecture. By paralleling, the output power is increased accordingly. GE ProSolar 1500VDC Inverter Delivers More Power than Industry Standard Systems. The Installed LV5 Inverter is in Smooth Operation in the Field. The benefit is to enhance grid stability and to use the same hardware in energy storage systems [8]. When Huawei first entered the inverter industry, it made both traditional central inverters and string inverters. The total installed capacity will be over 1GW and the project marks a turning point in the industry; it is expected to be the fastest and the largest deployment of 1500V technology by a single developer in … Designers are seeking for a higher level of integration, which means the mounting of the boost inductors on the printed circuit board (PCB). GE Power Conversion is rumored to have built a medium voltage PV test power plant for MVDC inverters fed by DC-DC converters, perhaps sourced from a third party, and a low voltage solar … But the team soon realized that the device could be also useful to solar farm operators. The featured SVPWM technique of inverter provides smoother output waveform, which reduces harmonic contents and enhances the system reliability and stability. The resulting overvoltage peak is only ΔVce=312 V and results in VCEpeak=1812 V under these conditions which are far below the 2300 V. This new 2300 V PrimePACK 3+ power module can be combined with a further new 1200 V PrimePACK 3+ module in a common collector configuration to achieve a high current solution in a 3L-NPC2 topology. (function() { GE and Looop Co., Ltd.’s Partnership Marks the Entry of 1,500-Volt Solar Technology in Japan’s Solar Market. Newly developed PrimePACK 3+ IGBT power modules rated at 2300 V and combined with newly developed 1200 V modules in common collector configuration support NPC2 solutions. For a worst-case peak voltage investigation, the full system operating voltage from DC(+) to DC(-) with VDC_System=1500 V is applied in an exemplary lab measurement. It is beneficial if only two workers are able to carry and install the system. NEW YORK -- (BUSINESS WIRE)-- First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) and GE's Power Conversion business (NYSE:GE) are utilizing their recently established technology and … GE’s LV5 1,500-Volt Inverter can Lead to up to 3 Percent Lower System Cost and up to 15 Percent less Maintenance Costs. A highly efficient and low-inductive EasyPACK 2B module with a fully integrated A-NPC topology offers such high power densities. Global Inverter Manufacturing Locations; Global Solar Panel Manufacturing Locations; Suppliers; Videos; Webinars; Whitepapers; COVID-19 NEWS; GE Power Conversion : LV5-1540-SLR. With the four separate module-internal bus bars of the PrimePACK 3+ package, a low parasitic inductance is achieved with high current carrying capability at the same time. A shift in DC system voltage from 1000 V to 1500 V can be observed in utility-scale systems [2]. SOLAR WARE 3200 is one of the largest central PV inverter in the 1500V power class. Building on the legacy of 1000V inverters, GE’s 1500V LV5 inverters are specifically designed for the solar industry. GE has been selected by Toyo Engineering Corporation on behalf of the project owner, GK KS Power 1, a special purpose vehicle consortium by GE Energy Financial Service and K-Energy, to provide its 1,500-volt inverters to build the 24-megawatt (MW) solar plant project located in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The LV5+ Solar Power Station combines GE’s LV5+ 1500V solar inverter, with medium voltage power transformer, optional MV switchgear, and various options for a reliable, plug & play, factory integrated power conversion solution for utility-scale solar installations. For the 3L-NPC2 1:1 module arrangement, the loop inductance will increase moderately compared to the 2:1 solution. Technical Article Power Module Solutions for a 1500V PV Inverter May 07, 2020 by Wilhelm Rusche The elevated operation voltage of 1500 V has become the new photovoltaic standard and requires new and smart power module solutions for a simplified topology and lower system cost. All measurements and simulations were done with the current prototypes. To implement 1500 V high-power inverters, the NPC1 topology with 1200 V IGBTs is a common approach today [2]. One reason solar power has been relatively expensive—even though the fuel is free—is that some of it gets lost in the DC/AC conversions. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. OuR centeR OF eXcellence FOR sOlaR Pv: GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH Culemeyerstrasse 1 d-12277 Berlin Germany cOntact us * At rated AC operating voltage ** Nominal power up to 1000m lv5+ sOlaR ehOuse sOlutiOn inPut data MAX. The Next Trend in Solar: 1000V to 1500V, and Why You Should Adopt Now Published on July 7, 2016 July 7, 2016 • 232 Likes • 27 Comments GE’s LV5+ Solar Power Station combines GE’s LV5+ 1500 V solar inverter, with medium voltage power transformer, optional MV Ring Main Unit (RMU), auxiliary transformer and various options within a single, standard 20ft ISO high cube container. Jens De Bock holds a Diplom-Ingenieur in Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia. The two-module configuration reaches a comparable output power level as the 1200 V based NPC1 with three modules. All rights reserved. Moreover, a shift in DC system voltage from 1000 V to 1500 V can be observed in utility-scale systems [2]. The resulting peak voltage for the 2300 V FF device and for the 1200 V CC device in such a 1500 V set is of interest. Shadow Scan function activated. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. At the time of a shrinking feed-in-tariff, Japanese energy companies are concentrated on improving their technology to enable more cost-effective solar energy. GE Power Conversion is introducing Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology into its next-generation 1500V PV inverter product line, bringing increased power conversion efficiency to … A GE 1500V inverter. As a result of the higher DC voltage, GE’s technology enables a reduced number of electrical components, thereby reducing the infrastructure, deployment and running costs of a solar plant. A cost-efficient way for a special adaptation of the A-NPC topology to optimally combine Infineon´s CoolSiC™ 1200-V MOSFET with TRENCHSTOP IGBT technology is proposed. })(); GE Energy Management will deliver 1500V PV inverter solution totaling over 1GW for NextEra Energy Resource’s solar portfolio planned to start operation in 2015-2016. It is also an excellent choice as the main part in an efficient 3 level NPC2 topology (3LNPC2). Both solar farms will be connected to the grid in the first quarter of next year. Solar Inverter Models; Solar Panel Models; Solar Racking Models; Battery Storage Models; ... Webinars; Whitepapers; COVID-19 NEWS; GE Power Conversion : LV5-1540-SLR. The extended overload temperature (TvjOL) allows the device to be used up to TvjOL=175°C for short periods of time, to cope with short-term overload operation during grid fault events. Edgar A. Gunter asks, where is it? For 1500 V grid-tied converters in the range of 75 to 150 kW, highly compact and efficient power electronics solutions are required. Part of GE’s ongoing developments in power electronics technology, the ProSolar inverter builds on extensive experience of designing and This allows using this solution in reactive power mode for regions with unstable grid conditions. 00 + Efficiency PV Inverters. GE is supplying the solar farm with a critical piece of technology called the inverter. GE ProSolar 1500V DC Inverter Delivers More Power than Industry Standard Systems First Solar Module Designed for Efficiency in 1500V DC Applications March 19, … The robust SiC chip, already in use in applications such as health care and lighting, is only one small part of the new 1500V inverter but it results in an approximate 1 percent increase in annual energy production, according to GE. High voltage overshoots during IGBT turn-off due to the high loop inductance require safety features like overvoltage clamping with a sophisticated gate drive unit (GDU) [4]. Especially with respect to their fast-switching capability and cosmic ray robustness. Language: English; 中文; 日本語; 한국어; العربية; Français; Español; Deutsch; Italiano; Solar Trade Platform and Directory of Solar Companies. Based on the low inductive DC bus design, the resulting collector-emitter peak voltage is far below the blocking voltage limit of the device. With more than 23 years of experience in the development and production of photovoltaic inverter technology, Sungrow is the world's leading provider of intelligent energy solutions. “The efficiency of three-level active NPC converter for different PWM strategies,” EPE, 2009 [8] B. Sahan et al. All measurements were conducted without the usage of active clamping measures. 00 %+ Countries with Sungrow Installations. The World's Most Bankable Inverter Brand. Moreover, an almost circular P-Q diagram is achieved which supports emerging applications such as energy storage systems. GE has confirmed that it is to begin establishing its LV5 1500V solar inverters throughout its territories towards the end of the year. General Electric SolarEdge Technologies All Others Total Shipments: 79.7 GWac *Estimate Figure 3: 2016 Global PV Inverter Market Shares by Shipments (MWac) Source: GTM Research. IFEEC 2017-ECCE Asia 2017, F. Umbach, P. Brandt, S. Mansueto, W. Rusche, A. Korzenietz et al. Website design and build by MM Design. Sungrow will provide 23 units of SG3125HV-MV turnkey central inverters for the solar parks. The total installed capacity will be over 1GW and the project marks a turning point in the industry; GE reports that it is expected to be the fastest and the largest deployment of 1500V technology by a single developer in North America, marking an anticipated industry shift towards the 1500V solar plant design. The implementation of this increased operation voltage started from the low power class with its string- and residential inverters in the past, now followed by the megawatt (MW) classes of the solar central inverter. Don't have an EEPower account? GE Energy Management’s Power Conversion business will provide its latest LV5 1500V solar inverters, both at 2MW and 4MW, to equip solar farms in various locations across the US. Revolutionary new PV Central Inverter for the Solar Industry. In Figure 3, the module arrangement and a possible DC-bus structure for a three-module (2:1) phase is shown. In addition to the new inverter solution, GE also announced its new LV5+ E-house Solution with the SiC inverter sitting at its core. GE is the first inverter supplier to introduce 1500V inverters this into the solar market and we are already supplying solar projects, enabling them to become more cost-effective. Both solar farms will be connected to the grid in the first quarter of next year. INGECON SUN Power (1000V/1500V) A three-phase central PV inverter family at … The successful commercial operation of the unit marks the entry of 1,500-volt solar technology in Japan’s solar market. a wide range of inverters (solar pv and storage), tailored to suit any type of system scale: residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true;
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